Thorough Property Inspections in Johnson County

inspect-24If you’re looking for the most thorough property inspections in Johnson County, Pinnacle Property Inspections is just right for you! At Pinnacle, we offer a wide range of property inspections in Johnson County, and all over the Kansas City, including, general inspections, pre-listing inspections, 11th month warranty inspections, radon testing, and more. With over fifteen years in the professional inspecting business, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting one of the most thorough property inspections in Johnson County!

As an authorized RecallChek dealer, we also take down all manufacturer serial and model numbers on all appliances and ensure that none of your appliances are on recall. This service is a key component of providing clients with thorough property inspections in Johnson County, and in the event of a recall, we deliver a detailed report of the recall and instructions for getting the item repaired or replaced.

To learn more about Pinnacle Property Inspections’ thorough property inspections in Johnson County, please visit our website by clicking here. To get a quote for your inspection, click here and simply fill out the form. We can’t wait to work with you!

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  1. Michelle Lynn Salvato

    If you are looking for a professional and knowledgeable home inspector who is honest, courteous and highly personable, call Neil Pinnick of Pinnacle Property Inspections immediately. I just purchased my first home on my own and as a single woman was extremely nervous about the whole process. I was especially apprehensive about the home inspection as I don’t have a clue about what could have presented a problem for me now or in the future. Neil was well prepared, looked over every inch of the home, took detailed pictures of every nook and cranny, was totally objective and explained in layperson’s terms both the good and bad parts of the home. Within hours of the inspection he had emailed me a complete report, 40-pages long, in comprehensible language and with everything I needed to know to make a good decision about the property.

    I will add that this was the second home-inspection Neil performed for me within a few weeks; the first one revealed information that made me decide to pass on the home and I’m certain saved me from making a very expensive mistake. When I found my current home a few weeks later there was no doubt I would call him back to complete the inspection there as well.

    Seriously, call this guy if you need a home inspection. You won’t be sorry.


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